She’arim   –   an experience for life

learn,    think,     do,     live.

Gain the commitment, motivation, and skills for life.

Learn outside of the classroom

Connect to Your Heritage, Your Land, Your People, and Your Torah

Meet with Israelis - - Do chesed - - Adopt an Israeli family away from home

Develop a love of learning   -   learn with a partner/friend/chavruta

Take your learning to a higher plane. At She’arim you learn how to take responsibility and

control for your learning, growth, and life.       AND how to enjoy them.

What others learned at She’arim - and what they have to say

Meet other women like you who are growing, striving and soaring.

Friends - Mentors - Skills - Experiences - Knowledges - Ablities - Growth

Learn with the Best.     See who our teacher are

Educators with diverse backgrounds and approaches, help each student to learn and grow.

Develop life long relationships with mentors, friends, learning, and Judaism.

Take the next step - - Join the She’arim family NOW.

Start the journey to grow. We will work with you to make you stay possible and successful.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us.             Make it happen. APPLY NOW!

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She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women

is committed to educating Jewish women to deepen their knowledge and commitment
to their Heritage. Our approach to education is holistic, integrating intellectual study
and spiritual growth with practical everyday skills.

We believe that education and growth are a continuing life long process.  We
encourage  women to develop, maintain, and utilize a close student teacher
relationship in this process.