Tehillim for Am Yisrael

We at She’arim have been reciting the 83rd chapter of Tehillim for many years. Ever since the Intifada started, we have adopted the recommendation of the rabbonim and begin each day with these Perakim of Tehillim- 20, 83, 121, 130 and 142. We know that all our difficulties in Israel, as unjust as they may be, are real threats, and our most valuable efforts to assure security in Israel is to Daven to our Father in Heaven.

She'arim has a card that has these Tehillim in Hebrew and English that can be folded.

These files are available as pdf files for you to print. Please click on the file that you would like: letter size file  ; A4 size file   : Pocket file (Hebrew only).

These files are also available as Word documents for you to print. Please click on the file that you would like: letter size file  ; A4 size file   : Pocket file (Hebrew only).

[1] A Song, a Psalm of Asaf: [2] God, do not hold yourself silent, be not deaf, and be not still, God: [3] For behold Your foes are in an uproar, and those who hate you have raised their head: [4] Against Your nation they plot deviously, they take counsel against those sheltered by You: [5] They said, "Come, let us cut them off from nationhood, so Israel's name will not be remembered any more:" [6] For they take counsel together unanimously, they strike a covenant against You: [7] The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, of Moav and Hagrites: [8] Geval and Amon and Amalek, Pleshet with the inhabitants of Tyre: [9] Also Assyria has joined with them, they became the strong arm of the sons of Lot, Selah: [10] Do to them as to Midian, as to Sisra, and as to Yavin by Nachal Kishon: [11] Who were destroyed at Ein-Dor, they became dung for the earth: [12] Make their nobles like Orev and Ze'ev, their princes like Zevach and Tzalmoneh: [13] Who said, "We will conquer the habitations of G-d:" [14] My God, make them like the whirling chaff, like stubble before the wind: [15] Like a fire burning the forest, like a flame that sets mountains ablaze: [16] So pursue them in Your tempest, in Your storm terrify them: [17] Fill their faces with shame, then they will seek your name, Hashem: [18] Let them be shamed and terrified forever, they will be disgraced and they will perish: [19] And they will know that you, whose name is Hashem, is most High over all the earth:  

[1] A Song of Ascents, from the depth I called out to You, Hashem: [2] My Lord, hear my voice, let Your ears be attentive to all my pleas: [3] If You preserve iniquities, God, who could survive: [4] Because with You is forgiveness, that You may be feared: [5] I put confidence in You, Hashem, my soul put confidence, and I hoped for His word: [6] I yearn for Hashem, like those who wait for the dawn, those longing for the dawn: [7] Let Israel hope for Hashem, because with Hashem is chesed, and with him is much redemption: [8] And He will redeem Israel from all its iniquities:  

[1] A Maskil by David, when he was in the cave, a prayer: [2] With my voice I cry out to Hashem, with my voice I plead to Hashem: [3] I pour out my plaint before Hashem, my distress I declare before Him: [4] When my spirit faints within me, and you know my path, on this road that I walk, they have laid a snare for me: [5] Look to the right, and see, I have no friend, every escape is lost to me, no one seeks to save my life: [6] I have cried out to You, Hashem, I have said, "You are my refuge, my portion on the land of the living.": [7] Listen to my cry for I have been brought very low, save me from my pursuers because they are stronger than I: [8] Release my soul from confinement to acknowledge Your Name, the righteous will crown themselves in me, when you bestow Your kindness upon me:
Our brothers, the entire House of Israel, who are delivered into distress and captivity, whether they are on the sea or dry land. May the Omnipresent have mercy on them, and deliver them from distress to relief, from darkness to light, from subjugation to redemption, now, speedily, soon. And let us say Amen.

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