Tanach Shiurim

  • Open or Close I cry out to you in my solitude & Trusting God through Life’s Struggles (Tehillim) - Rebzn Pavlov Open or Close

    I cry out to you in my solitude

    We seek companionship in our relationships with friends and family, yet, despite the importance of interpersonal contact, there are times when we feel isolated or misunderstood. If it were not for the presence of G-d, we would be truly alone. This class explores Tehillim 142.

    Memories of Yesterday, Yearning for Tomorrow

    A Jew experiences time either in retrospection as a memory or recollection, or in expectation and anticipation of events that will transpire some time in the future. For us, time is historical and visionary, and there is no line between the prophecy and fulfillment. This class explores Tehillim 126 and 137.

    Trusting God through Life’s Struggles

    As we mature, we come to the realization that we have no control over the really important things in life. It is through the acceptance of this truth that we can begin to learn how to trust God. This shiur explores Tehillim 131

    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download I Cry Out To You In My Solitude-Rbn Holly Pavlov
    16 MB 1:10:00 min
    download Memories of Yesterday,Yearning for Tomorrow-Rbn Holly Pavlov
    6 MB 26:10 min
    download Trusting God Through Life's Struggles-Rbn Holly Pavlov
    11.6 MB 50:30 min

  • Open or Close Introduction to Navi And the beginning of Yehoshua Open or Close

    Navi class At She'arim.

    These Shiurim have been given at She'arim's 8:30 Navi class:

    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download navi series 1 - Introduction
    Rebbetzin Pavlov

    6.1 MB 26:41 min
    download navi series 2
    Rebbetzin Pavlov

    5.3 MB 23:20 min
    download navi series 3
    Rebbetzin Pavlov

    5.7 MB 24:57 min
    download navi series 4
    Rebbetzin Pavlov

    4.6 MB 20:14 min
    download navi series 5
    Rebbetzin Pavlov

    4.9 MB 21:16 min

  • Open or Close Parsha Open or Close

    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download Miriam Brunner - Beyond the Basics - Rochel and Leah
    11.7 MB 51:17 min
    download Rebbetzin Appel -Vayeitzei
    4.2 MB 18:24 min
    download Rebbetzin Tavin Vayigash - Real Men Do Cry
    3.9 MB 17:13 min
    download Rebbetzin Tavin_Mtoch nefila Kima
    10.8 MB 47:05 min


Download Name Play Size Duration
download Navi Series 19 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

26.8 MB 29:15 min
download Navi Series 20 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

25.7 MB 28:01 min
download Navi Series 21 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

24.7 MB 26:56 min
download Navi Series 22 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

26.2 MB 28:39 min
download Navi Series 23 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

18.8 MB 20:32 min
download Navi Series 24 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

32.3 MB 35:14 min
download Navi Series 25 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

23 MB 25:09 min
download Navi Series 26 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

26.4 MB 28:48 min
download Navi Series 27 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

20.2 MB 22:06 min
download Navi Series 28 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

29 MB 31:43 min
download Navi Series 29 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

21.4 MB 23:25 min
download Navi Series 30 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

17.8 MB 19:28 min
download Navi Series 31 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

25.1 MB 27:25 min
download Navi Series 32 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

1.2 MB 1:17 min
download Navi Series 33 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

17.3 MB 18:56 min
download Navi Series 43 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

20.2 MB 22:02 min
download Navi Series 35 (Shoftim)
Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

27.1 MB 29:33 min
download Navi Series 36 (Shoftim)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

28.8 MB 31:25 min
download Navi Series 37 (Shoftim)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

23.4 MB 25:35 min
download Navi Series 38 (Shoftim)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

23 MB 25:06 min

Shmuel 1

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Navi Series 50 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

24.9 MB 27:10 min
download Navi Series 51 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

23.2 MB 25:22 min
download Navi Series 52 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

20.1 MB 21:58 min
download Navi Series 53 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

7.2 MB 7:55 min
download Navi Series 54 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

12.6 MB 13:47 min
download Navi Series 55 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

21.8 MB 23:49 min
download Navi Series 56 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

21.4 MB 23:21 min
download Navi Series 57 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

29.9 MB 32:41 min
download Navi Series 58 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

28 MB 30:33 min
download Navi Series 60 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

21.8 MB 23:49 min
download Navi Series 61 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

27.9 MB 30:29 min
download Navi Series 62 (Shumel Alef)
Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

33.6 MB 33:41 min

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