• Open or Close A Day That is All About Shabbos Open or Close
    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download Candlelighting
    Reb. Raff

    21.4 MB 58:35 min
    download How to Write a Dvar Torah
    Reb. Tavin

    15.8 MB 42:22 min
    download Menuchas HaNefesh: Living in the Moment of Shabbos.
    Reb. Pavlov

    21.5 MB 59:54 min
    download Extra Time for Davening
    Reb. Appell

    14.5 MB 41:12 min
    download Rabbi, Why Can’t I Just Turn on the Lights?
    Rabbi Kaganoff

    16.9 MB 49:00 min
    download G-d’s Day
    Rabbi Yoselevitz

    17.9 MB 49:47 min
  • Open or Close Frum In Workplace Open or Close

  • Open or Close Alumnae yom iyun 2014 Open or Close

    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download Rebbetzin Pavlov
    Becomming an Eved Hashem

    7.7 MB 33:27 min
    download Rebbetzin Friedman
    Putting Kedusha into Shobbos

    7.6 MB 33:08 min
    download Raltionship Gridlock
    R Brussel

    6.2 MB 27:08 min
    download The Torah We Posses
    R- Raff

    6.5 MB 28:36 min
    download You Can Make it Happen
    R Kaganoff

    5.4 MB 23:30 min

  • Open or Close Woman of the wall Open or Close

    Woman of the wall
  • Open or Close Great Jewish Women Seminar Open or Close

    Download Name Play Size Duration
    download 1 Rebbetzin Kanievsky
    Rebbetzin Cohen

    8.6 MB 37:35 min
    download 2 Modern Day Heroes
    Rebbetzin Kaganoff

    5.5 MB 24:07 min

  • Open or Close Journeys seminar Open or Close

    Three Women, Three Journeys, One Source of Inspiration

     Listen to three inspirational speakers share their spiritual, physical, and emotional journeys.



    Journey from Iran to America

    Chana Reyhanian shares her experience of her family's difficult departure from Iran to America.

    Click here to watch


    The Journey of a convert

    Ayelet Elnecave speaks about her reparkable journey of becoming a frum Jew.


    Click here to watch



    Transforming Suffering into Joy

    Michelle Thaler tells of her challenge of becoming physically handicapped after the birth of her fifth child.

    Click here to watch

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