A Day That is All About Shabbos

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Candlelighting
Reb. Raff

21.4 MB 58:35 min
download How to Write a Dvar Torah
Reb. Tavin

15.8 MB 42:22 min
download Menuchas HaNefesh: Living in the Moment of Shabbos.
Reb. Pavlov

21.5 MB 59:54 min
download Extra Time for Davening
Reb. Appell

14.5 MB 41:12 min
download Rabbi, Why Can’t I Just Turn on the Lights?
Rabbi Kaganoff

16.9 MB 49:00 min
download G-d’s Day
Rabbi Yoselevitz

17.9 MB 49:47 min

Alumnae yom iyun 2014

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Rebbetzin Pavlov
Becomming an Eved Hashem

7.7 MB 33:27 min
download Rebbetzin Friedman
Putting Kedusha into Shobbos

7.6 MB 33:08 min
download Raltionship Gridlock
R Brussel

6.2 MB 27:08 min
download The Torah We Posses
R- Raff

6.5 MB 28:36 min
download You Can Make it Happen
R Kaganoff

5.4 MB 23:30 min

Great Jewish Women Seminar

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 1 Rebbetzin Kanievsky
Rebbetzin Cohen

8.6 MB 37:35 min
download 2 Modern Day Heroes
Rebbetzin Kaganoff

5.5 MB 24:07 min

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