Mirrors of Our LivesMirrors of Our Lives


Reflections of Women in Tanach

By Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

Mirrors of Our Lives offers a magnificent tapestry of insight and inspiration, gleaned from the rich lives of the Matriarchs and other Biblical women as portrayed in traditional commentaries and the Midrash.

Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov's book, "MIRRORS OF OUR LIVES" reflects women in the Tanach. contains deep and intellectually stimulating ideas and concepts that are brought down to the practical level to guide one's day to day living. I highly recommend this book….." Rabbi Zev Leff, Rav, Moshav Matityahu

"Mirrors Of Our Lives: Reflections of Women In Tanach is a book that will give the English- speaking public a deeper understanding of the foundation on which our nation is built"- Rabbi Chaim P. Scheinberg Zt"l, Rosh Yeshivas Torah Ore










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