Any woman who has a sincere desire to explore Torah Judaism may apply to She’arim

“That’s what She’arim is about. It takes in women of all kinds: some curious, some questioning, some rebellious... 
it takes in Jewish women and answers their fundamental questions. It creates an atmosphere in which all can grow,
and a haven in which we can connect to G-d and to each other.”

 "Life changing- I now understand the difference between going to a 2 hour class once a week and truly learning. I can't wait to come back!"

                                            (R.M. Photographer)

I have never been in an environment 
where I felt such an outpouring of love, kindness and acceptance as I have in this beautiful place. It's a place where I have been challenged to reach past my limits, where I was inspired, and where I was able to grow to new heights

                                              (T.S Lawyer)

"Such a solid place 
that has really developed me internally  in my relationship with Hashem. I am forever grateful!"

                                                 ( S.B. Business Owner)

"I liked the intimate class sizes, the personal attention, 
the care from all the staff, the brilliant teachers and dedicated students." 

                                                      (G.B. Student)

A spiritual journey for Jews- there is nothing like Shearim and I have experienced many religions,
countries and spiritual journeys. 

                                               (K.D.    Accountant)
"I like the work ethic of  'earning your inspiration' through your own efforts in translating the text." 

                                                         (J.S. Secretary)

" I wa comfortable asking any questions without feeling embarrassed if I don't know something. All questions were important no one judged another." 

                                              (F.K.  Student)
"Taste of Torah kept me wanting to learn more, it's a landmark course for Jews. It opened truth, fed my soul  and made me understand what it means to be Jewish."

                                   (A.F. Occupational Therapist)

"I have become a part of another family, 
I meet girls who are similar to me. Teachers who  are all very different and offer unique insights. It is nice to be able to start  and finish at any time of the year."

                                          (D.I. Pharmacist)

 "Helped me achieve my goals, loved it 100% and recommend it for any girl  who wants to learn how to learn and have high quality classes"

                                                     (L.D Bookkeeper)

"I loved the intensity of the learning, the students are serious about their learning. Teachers are passionate and personable and related well to today's situation and daily lives."
                                                   ( H.T  Cosmetician)

"She'arim is the closest thing to family anyone can find in Israel. I was surrounded by people of a refined, moral character. "

                                                ( N.C. Party Planner)

"A great place for any level and any person. Relaxed- goes with the flow."

(G.G. Teacher Assistant)

"The perfect middle path of learning and fun."

                                                (D.H. Store Manager)


She’arim College of Jewish Studies for Women

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Phone: +972-2-651-4240

U.S.# in Israel 646-506-9306

Fax: +972-2-651-8370


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