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    Student Life

    Whether it’s your first time away from home, or you’ve been out of the house for years, adjusting to a new neighborhood and community isn’t easy. We help students integrate into all aspects of community life, and give them the resources, time, and care to settle into their new home. 


    Experience the wide variety of multi-cultural customs and traditions of Jewish life by sharing Shabbat and Holidays with families throughout the country.


    Join She'arim and become part of the wider community by volunteering for the numerous organizations and charities across Israel.


    See history come to life with guided tours around Israel, and experience the holiness of the land first-hand.


    Form lifelong relationships with the staff at She’arim and always have someone by your side as you navigate Israel and beyond.

    Our most common questions


    What is the neighborhood like?

    Har Nof is a beautiful neighborhood nestled on a hilltop in Jerusalem. The residents are friendly, and the neighborhood is home to a number of seminaries and yeshivot. Har Nof is a religious neighborhood with diverse residents, many of whom are constantly vying to have you over for Shabbat!

    What will I do for Shabbat?

    She’arim has a large network of families both in Har Nof and Israel in general. Students can sign up for Shabbat placements each week and will be placed with welcoming families in the area. Students are also welcome to make their own Shabbat plans.  

    What is She’arim’s hashkafa?

    She’arim as an institution does not hold or promote any one hashkafa. We are a seminary that takes a serious stance on Torah and halacha, and we encourage each student to find the best-suited Jewish community for themselves. 

    Is there a dress code?

    We have minimum dress code: a top with sleeves and with no cleavage showing. Also, since She’arim is located in a in religious neighborhood, we ask students to be respectful and mindful of this when walking around the neighborhood.

    Is there a curfew?

    She’arim does not have a curfew. That said, we do recommend that you get a good night’s sleep!

    Is class attendance compulsory?
    All classes are compulsory for full-time students who live in the dorm apartments. Part-time students must be consistent in attending the classes they signed up for.


    Is there wifi?

    Israel has excellent and inexpensive data plans and students are encouraged to use this to their advantage. In the school building, we do have wifi available for students.

    How many girls are in each room and in the dorm?

    There are two students in a room and two bathrooms in each apartment.

    Are there dietary requirements for the dorms?

    The kitchens in each apartment dorm are dairy and pareve only. No meat products are allowed in the apartments, regardless of how they are stored or consumed. This is to ensure that the apartment kitchens stay kosher, despite the student turnover.

    Is the dorm clean?

    One important aspect of living with others is keeping the apartment in an acceptable condition for all. The students living in each apartment are fully responsible for maintaining them. Often, students will create a rotating chore cycle that fairly divides up cleaning responsibilities among all roommates.