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She’arim believes that every woman should have the opportunity to learn.

Financial limitations shouldn’t keep anyone from a Jewish education.

Flexible payment plans include: 

  1. Long-term, interest-free payment plans (including for all expenses).
  2. Tiered payment plans that are structured based on your ability to repay (no credit card debt payments).
  3. Compassion based discussions that meet your lifestyle and needs. Your current financial situation is not a factor when determining your acceptance.

Right now there is a substantial SCHOLARSHIP available to you!

When you’re accepted, our financial director will determine your qualifications based on your length of time at She'arim! Students who commit...

  • 3 months, get a FULL tuition

  • 2 months, get 50% reduced tuition

*Note: Subject to conditions.

*Note: The scholarship does not include the cost of lodging in the dorms or health insurance, these are separate costs.

Additional Scholarships


Masa Logo Vertical sShe’arim has been approved as a Masa program. Students are entitled to grants and scholarships.

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Jeff Seidel's Scholarship to Israel:

Provides scholarships towards airfare to study in Israel on affiliated programs for Birthright Israel and Hillel alumni.  

For more information: www.jeffseidel.com


Anna and David Levy Scholarship Fund

In 2002, Miriam and Marc Sommer of Chicago set up the Anna and David Levy Scholarship Fund at She’arim. The scholarship is for a partial tuition for one student to learn for one year, and was setup in memory of Miriam’s maternal grandparents.

Miriam Sommer said that her grandparents Anna and David Levy were warm and loving people who always had an affinity for learning and chesed. They had a home that was always open to everyone.

“I remember my grandmother as being a true aishet chayil,” Miriam said. “We wanted to remember my grandparents in a way that would be fitting to their lives and She’arim seemed the perfect match. It’s not only a school to further one’s learning, but also a place to develop one’s character with true Torah midot (character traits).”

The Sommers are long time friends of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Pavlov, and Rebbetzin Pavlov is the Sommers’ shadchan (matchmaker). Miriam said she and her husband both believe in and support what the Pavlovs are accomplishing at She’arim.

“We always knew that whatever Rebbetzin Pavlov would turn her talents toward, would not only be a huge success, but would make an impact on the Jewish community,” Miriam said.  

Naomi Zeiger Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Naomi Zeiger Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Naomi Zeiger, a baalat chesed who was beloved by all and who helped a myriad of people rediscover their Jewish roots. The fund was established by Naomi’s friend, Janis Fine, as an expression of Naomi’s love of her fellow Jews and Torah.

This fund will provide the financial opportunity to learn at She’arim to those Jewish women who desire to connect more deeply to their Jewish roots.

A typical beneficiary will be a current student who wants to extend her time at She'arim and who is not eligible for other scholarships  

This scholarship is funded with the donations, in lieu of payment, given by couples whom Janis has helped in the process of the labor and delivery of their babies as their doula.

Jewish Federations

The Jewish Federations of North America:

Local Jewish Federations often offer scholarships and grants for community members going to Israel. For more information: www.JewishFederations.org

In other countries:

Many synagogues and Jewish organizations may provide assistance for a period of study in Israel. We suggest that you contact these organizations to see if you might be eligible for financial assistance.

Other sources

We suggest that you contact your local Rabbi and synagogue for possible assistance and/or suggestion regarding local resources which may be available. The local Jewish Federation, Board of Jewish Education, Hillel, and other similar organizations may be equally useful.