Lynn mentoring
One of the most outstanding aspects of She’arim is the mentoring program.The small size of the school, high teacher to student ratio, and dedicated faculty are uniquely designed to allow for personal guidance. Mentors help students decide on their class schedule and academic progress, but also provide wisdom and guidance for each student’s personal journey. For many of our students, the one on one mentor-student relationship is one of the highlights of their experience. Mentor relationships often continue for years beyond students’ time at She’arim, and provide support for She’arim alumnae through major life milestones ( returning home, marriage/childrearing, aliyah).

Accommodations / Dorms


She’arim students live in furnished apartments in the Northwest Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof, situated on the edge of the Jerusalem forest.  These shared apartments include all utilities and a fully equipped dairy kitchen. All apartments are a short walking distance from the school. The population of Har Nof  is Torah observant and consists of both native Israelis and families from English, French and Spanish speaking countries.


Trips: Come to Israel and Tour the Land

trip and home


At She’arim we don't just learn about the Land of Israel - we live it! Trips throughout the year to all parts of the country (at least once a month) give the She’arim student a first hand look at ancient history blended with the excitement of modern day Israel. Trips take students from Dan to Beersheba and from the shores of the Jordan to the Mediterranean.


Shabbat/ Yom Tov Programming, Hospitality


Our Shabbat meals coordinator will arrange for She'arim students to share Shabbat and Holidays with families throughout the country. Students will expand their horizons as they get to know people from all over the world and experience a wide variety of multi-cultural customs and traditions.

Chesed: Contributing to the Community

chesed or gallary

The She'arim Educational experience includes reaching out to the community whether in soup kitchens, with home bound elderly, hospital patients or children with special needs. She'arim students are out there gaining as much as they are giving 


Adopt a Family

She’arim students are given the opportunity to truly become part of a local family - from helping out to hanging out. The adopt a family program is an ideal way  for students to experience life in Israel as a part of a community.

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