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At She'arim, learning is an active process.


She’arim offers three levels to choose from as well as a beginner’s program. Your level is determined based on previous knowledge and Hebrew skills. Some classes address all levels, and you can also combine classes in different levels to form a personalized schedule.


Learn with a learning partner (Chavruta). Tutors are available during this time to help towards the goal of becoming independent in your learning.


Classes cover Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, Halacha, Interpersonal Relationships, and Tanach skills. 

Explore Each Of Our Levels

Taste of Torah

This level is designed for the curious Jewish woman who wants to take the first step in her Jewish Journey. No prior knowledge of Jewish Studies, commitment to Jewish observance, or knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Classes include
  • Personal Growth Through Torah
  • Introduction to Jewish Law (Halacha)
  • Women in Tanach
  • Messages from the Parsha
  • The Jewish Calendar

Level 1

Our first level is suited to students who are ready to gain basic Hebrew skills in Torah study, especially Chumash with Rashi's commentary. In Level 1, students begin exploring fundamental Jewish concepts in depth. 

Classes include

  • Chumash with Rashi
  • Pirkei Avos
  • Halacha
  • Lessons from the Parsha and Q&A
  • Interpersonal relationships

Level 2

Level 2 is suited to students who have proficient Hebrew and textual skills. This level develops their critical thinking and learning skills, as well as their knowledge of Jewish philosophy.

Classes include

  • Chumash with commentaries
  • Advanced Halacha
  • Hashkafa
  • Midrash
  • Rambam

Level 3

This advanced level is suited to students who are familiar and comfortable with learning texts and commentaries, and who have a firm footing in Jewish philosophical concepts. In this level, students nurture their textual skills as well as dive deep into hashkafic matters.

Classes include

  • Maharal
  • Midrash 
  • Advanced Halacha
  • Mussar
  • Navi
Students are encouraged to make learning their own by asking questions and learning the text 'inside'. By gleaning the information directly from the source, you access a deeper and richer understanding of the subject matter, helping you to form a personal attachment to your learning.
  • Hard Skills

    • Biblical Hebrew grammar and reading skills
    • Tanach and commentaries
    • Practical Halacha
    • Practical prayer
  • Soft Skills

    • Forming and maintaining a relationship with Hashem
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Personal growth and Middot
    • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Flexibility

    • Part-time and full-time options
    • Personalized education
    • Adjustable levels
    • Flexible start and end dates