A Student's Perspective

Nadine Epstein

This week at She’arim, even as the rest of the country has come to a screeching halt, we She’arim students have been busy participating in the ultimate crash-course on mentschkeit – one which will no doubt become a cornerstone of our She’arim experience and leave an indelible impression on each and every one of us.

There are no textbooks for this course – the source material is the incredible example that the She’arim teachers, tutors, and staff are setting for us, as they go lightyears above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we feel safe and cared for during this uncertain time.

  • Rabbi and Rebbetzin Pavlov, who made the unbelievably generous decision to not send any of us home, to keep us engaged in learning and growth throughfull days of virtual classes, and to make sure that our physical and spiritual needs are met, regardless of our financial situations… I can’t even imagine how hard they are working to coordinate the support of 23 “extra children” during a national emergency.


  • The teachers, who immediately rose to the challenge of teaching virtually, so that there was almost no break in instruction…


  • The staff who have been “on-call” nearly around the clock (while also taking care of their own home-bound families), organizing an ever-changing class schedule, making sure that virtual classes are running smoothly, keeping us up-to-date on government policy and health protocols, and keeping us stocked with food and supplies…


  • All those who insisted that we’d be doing them a favor if we called them for moral support and mentorship…


  • The tutors who instantly volunteered to cook for the girls in the dorms, so that Shabbos food was completely arranged within 1.5 hours of the late-night announcement that Israel would be asking everyone to shelter-in-place…


  • Those who have helped us maintain a healthy outlook on the situation, by putting on strong faces, no matter how they felt inside, by sharing words of chizuk and lessons in hashkafa, and by slipping in some humor wherever they could…

Bezras Hashem, this will all be behind us very soon, and life will return to normal. But I’ll never forget the lessons that these tzadikim and tzadikot have taught us through their actions. Whenever an opportunity to do chesed arises in my own life, I know that I’ll be able to find strength in their shining example.

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