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Words of chizuk from Rebbetzin Pavlov

Knowing Hashem Will Come Through For You

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We Have Been Through Worse

Rebbetzin Chaya Chava Pavlov

Sitting in Isolation in Yerushalayim, trying to keep my anxiety back, and hold my students and alum close in my heart and prayer, I cannot help but think of other times.  Times when things were worse.  

I think of Nazi Germany, when Jews were fearful but had no where to go. They lost their jobs, their homes, their dignity. They were plunged into a state of despair, and there was nowhere to escape to, no one who cared.

True we are living in a kind of isolation, but we sit in our homes and dorms, with food, social support through technology, a government who cares, a health care system that is trying its best to cope.  Food and medicine are available. We have no one to fear.

Only Hashem determines our destiny.

I think of the Bubonic plague, known as the black death, when   25% to 60% of the European population died in the grips of a horrible disease that struck young and old alike.  True, there will be deaths from Covid-19, but most people will have light cases, and survive.

In comparison, this seems like a gentle reminder about Who runs the world,

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Some thoughts on Adar 5780

Rabbi Yosef Pavlov

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה    When the month of Adar begins,  we increase joy.

How do we understand the events of this past month? The world has changed very quickly and nothing is the same as it was a month ago.

In order to put the events into context, we need to understand what Purim is about and why the Midrash says that during the time of the Mashiach, all holidays except Purim will be changed. This change will reflect the miracles that happen during the period before the Mashiach. The exception is Purim that will remain the same.

Another question: Purim is a holiday that appears to celebrate the story of an event that occurred in Persia/Iran many thousand years ago. But very little of the things we do on Purim seem to have a relationship with the events of the story. On Purim we do not remember/commemorate the events of the holiday, but we do strange things like getting drunk and giving things away. What is the connection?

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Staying the Course

Mrs. Sandie Freishtat

It is so hard to process the events of the last few weeks, the V'nahafochu of this year's Purim was so real but the upside -down new realities didn't turn back to right side up after Purim! Who could have ever imagined our present reality- the whole world on lock down!

 At She’arim, we became increasingly concerned that we might have to close our doors, especially with the news that seminaries and yeshivas were closing one by one and sending students home. It made sense- how could schools possibly take responsibility for all of their students with increasing restrictions being issued every day? Much to everyone's amazement, the Pavlov's bravely decided to keep Shearim open. 

 The young at heart (but not necessarily of age!) staff and teachers were mostly working or home and we began to have video classes regularly. The students came in to school and then went back to the dorm, following the Health Ministry’s instructions carefully to not go out unnecessarily.

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Covid-19 Reflections

Leonie Best (She’arim student)

There are people in the world who enjoy relaxation; sitting at home with a coffee and a magazine, looking through their window and taking it easy for a few days. I am not one of those people. So when the virus started spreading, I told my husband that I was more afraid of quarantine than of the virus itself.

But because G-d runs the world, and He gives us our unique tests to work on ourselves, I ended up in quarantine soon enough. Once in quarantine, I discovered that taking some time to stop and think is actually nice. Here I will try to share some of the thoughts I had about the Corona Virus during my quarantine.

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A Student's Perspective

Nadine Epstein

This week at She’arim, even as the rest of the country has come to a screeching halt, we She’arim students have been busy participating in the ultimate crash-course on mentschkeit – one which will no doubt become a cornerstone of our She’arim experience and leave an indelible impression on each and every one of us.

There are no textbooks for this course – the source material is the incredible example that the She’arim teachers, tutors, and staff are setting for us, as they go lightyears above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we feel safe and cared for during this uncertain time.

  • Rabbi and Rebbetzin Pavlov, who made the unbelievably generous decision to not send any of us home, to keep us engaged in learning and growth throughfull days of virtual classes, and to make sure that our physical and spiritual needs are met, regardless of our financial situations… I can’t even imagine how hard they are working to coordinate the support of 23 “extra children” during a national emergency.

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