Scholarships and Assistance

She'arim's goal is to enable students to learn as long as they would like. For this reason, we try to keep our fees manageable, and offer various packages of financial assistance.

For short term students, we pro-rate our tuition fees per month, so that they can feel free to come for as long or short a stay as they desire. If they come for a short time, they can extend their stay as desired.

We are aware that some potential students will need financial assistance.  Information regarding a variety of financial plans can be found below.

We encourage potential students to contact a variety of sources of funding outside of She'arim. An excellent resource regarding funding is StudyinIsrael.

She'arim's policy is not to turn anyone away for financial reasons. We are grateful to our donors and alumnae who enable us to make this statement.


MASA - Gateway to Israel Programs

She'arim is an active participant in the MASA program.

MASA (Hebrew for "Journey) is a partnership between the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency which seeks to strengthen the next generation of Jewish People. MASA endeavors to give thousands of young Jews in the Diaspora the opportunity to spend a semester or a full year in Israel without financial constraints.


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Most cities have a local Jewish Federation that provides assistance to study in Israel. Each Federation has its own requirements for scholarships. To apply, call (this is usually better then writing or emailing) the person in charge of scholarships at your local Federation. To locate your local federation, go to: in the United States the UJC site; in Canada the UIA site; and in other countries do a search for "Jewish federation" and the name of the country.

Many synagogues and Jewish organizations may provide assistance for a period of study in Israel. We suggest that you contact these organizations to see if you might be eligible for financial assistance.

Naomi Zeiger Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Naomi Zeiger Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Naomi Zeiger, a baalat chesed who was beloved by all and who helped a myriad of people rediscover their Jewish roots. The fund was established by Naomi’s friend, Janis Fine, as an expression of Naomi’s love of her fellow Jews and Torah.

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Anna and David Levy Scholarship Fund

In 2002, Miriam and Marc Sommer of Chicago set up the Anna and David Levy Scholarship Fund at She’arim. The scholarship is for a partial tuition for one student to learn for one year, and was setup in memory of Miriam’s maternal grandparents.

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Financial Assistance

A variety of scholarships, delayed tuition payment plans, work/study, and moral commitments are available. Financial assistance packages are determined on an individual case-by-case basis. Applicants are welcome to contact the school registrar regarding all issues of financial aid. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Other sources

We suggest that you contact your local Rabbi and synagogue for possible assistance and/or suggestion regarding local resources which may be available. The local Jewish Federation, Board of Jewish Education, Hillel, and other similar organizations may be equally useful.  

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