How We Teach

A Three-Pronged Learning Approach

At She'arim learning is an active process.

Students are encouraged to make learning their own by asking questions and learning the text directly. By gleaning the information directly from the source, you access a deeper and richer understanding of the subject matter, helping you to form a personal attachment to your learning.

Learning at She'arim takes on three forms:

  1. Choose an appropriate level based on your background and skills. You can then move between levels as your Hebrew and text skills improve. You can also combine classes in different level to form a personalized schedule.
  2. Learn with a learning partner (Chavruta). Tutors are available during this time to help towards the goal of becoming independent in your learning.
  3. Choose a mentor from among the staff with whom you can discuss your personal development.

Classes include Chumash and Navi with commentaries, Halacha, Prayer, Jewish thought and Ethics. Our more philosophical classes on Maharal, Ramchal, and Chassidut allow you to consciously access the spiritual depths of Judaism, while our emphasis on text keeps these classes grounded


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    For Women by Women

    She'arim is commited to providing all the elements necessary for a woman to develop her unique connection to Hashem. With an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, concern, encouragement and growth; it is possible for you student to reach your potential, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

    Active Learning

    Questions? Ask away! At She'arim you will not just be sitting in lectures; learning is active and the classes are interactive. Explore the material together with your teachers; learn and grow!

    The Tutoring System: Learning to Learn! 

    She'arim is here to help you develop the tools you need to understand any Hebrew text. During preparation time, tutors are available: 
    To assist you in your learning until you are able to learn independently.
    You can request a tutor to teach you any topic that speaks to you

    Expand your knowledge at She'arim

    Fill in the gaps with our weekly basic Jewish concepts This class fills in the gaps with informed you should know but might not. An optional ten session grammar class will help you to pick up on the basics of Hebrew grammar or to improve your already existent knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. This class is offered on two levels, so wherever you start there is something tailor-made for you!

     Gallery7To Learn and to Teach

    At She'arim learning doesn’t stop at that. Once you’ve reach the advanced level, the learn and teach program is designed to help you to develop your teaching skills and pass what you have learnt on to others.

    The program includes:
    Intense classes on Chumash with Rashi, Navi, Ramban, Rambam, and Pedagogy.
    Weekly assignments are given for each topic.


    Masa Jewish Studies: Masa’s Jewish Studies programs range from interdisciplinary studies in Israel’s top universities to Torah and Talmudic instruction in Israel’s leading yeshivas and seminaries. Participants delve into the history and customs of the Jewish people, explore their own Jewish identity, become familiarized with a wide variety of Jewish texts, and immerse themselves in Jewish traditions and culture.

    She’arim has been approved as a Masa program, and as such students that study at She’arim are entitled to grants and scholarships



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    connect to torah

    Curious about your Jewish Heritage? Taste of Torah was created for you - the curious woman. No prior knowledge of Jewish Studies, commitment to Jewish observance, or knowledge of Hebrew is required.

    Taste of Torah is designed to respect each students pace and personal quest for spirituality. The intimate classes, give and take style, and mentoring options allow you to explore Judaism in your own, individualized way.

    Weekly Class Schedule
    Class curriculum
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    Level 1 
    Ready to gain basic Hebrew skills?
    Our first level is suited to students who are ready to gain basic Hebrew skills in Torah study, especially Chumash with Rashi's commentary.

    Weekly Class Schedule

    Class Curriculum

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    level 2

     Level 2 - Intermediate.
    Are you already comfortable reading Hebrew and basic commentaries?
    Level 2 is suited for students who can comfortably read Torah texts in Hebrew with the addition of basic commentaries. As an intermediate student you will further develop your learning skills and broaden your philosophical knowledge with more expansive commentaries.

    Weekly Class Schedule
    Class Curriculum

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    level 3

    Level 3 Advanced 
    Already familiar with Jewish concepts and comfortable with the commentaries?
    Level 3 is suited to students who are comfortable studying Chumash with commentaries and who are familiar with Jewish philosophical concepts. In this level you will gain both depth and breadth of knowledge, as challenging material is analyzed during the chavruta time and discussed in the class that follows. Level 3 provides an opportunity to deepen your skills, broaden your knowledge, and encounter new levels of learning.

    Weekly Class Schedule
    Class Curriculum

Academic Calender

She'arim recognizes that some women have limited time to devote to full-time learning and therefore we make every effort to accommodate individual schedules. If the beginning or ending dates of the programs do not meet your needs, you may join our regular program for a shorter or longer period 

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    Spring Program May 1, 2022 - June 16, 2022

    Summer Program  June 19, 2022 -August 7, 2022

    Bein Hazmanim Program August 9, 2022 - August 19, 2022

    Elul Program August 28 , 2022 - October 6, 2022

    Fall  Program  October 23, 2022 - December 29, 2022

    Winter Program January 1, 2023 - March 23, 2023

    Pre Pesach Program March 26, 2023 - March 30, 2023


She’arim’s faculty
are experienced educators with diverse backgrounds and approaches. Their knowledge of Torah, combined with their caring attitude, allow students to learn and grow in a warm and supportive environment.


 Additional programming

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    Aside for providing wonderful Torah classes to our student body, at She’arim we believe in contributing to the community at large. She’arim’s Monday Morning Learning Program allows the busy women of Jerusalem and environs a chance to regenerate on a weekly basis.

    Our Monday morning  program features three courses, Now online as well

    9:30 am   Rebbetzin Chaya Chava Pavlov 

    10:30 am Rebbetzin Gitty Apell Tehillim

    11:30 am Rebbetzin Barbara Friedman Shaare Tefilla Rav Pincus

    Online classes that are now available to you weekly. The following is a list of current classes. All classes listed on Israel time:Guests from abroad are welcome to join us for a morning of inspired learning! 

    Sunday 6 PM Rebbetzin  Pavlov - Gate of Trust (Duties of the Heart)

    Wed 11:30  AM Rebbetzin Kaganoff  Melachim (textual class)

    Wed 5 PM Rebbetzin Friedman – The Ten Commandments (textual class)

    NEW:  Wed 6 PM Rebbetzin Pavlov – Strive for Truth 

    NEW : Wed 8:30 PM Rabbi Priel – Halacha for Sefardiot

    To register, write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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    Several times a year, She'arim runs a day of learning in Jerusalem  based on a specific theme.

    Our annual Day of Learning on Tisha B'av is open to the public, and draws a wide audience every year. Focusing on the theme of the day, the Destruction of our Beit HaMikdash, our speakers add meaning for you in the sorrow of this national day of mourning.

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     She'arim offers several seminars. These seminars cater both to groups visiting Israel as well as Local Community Seminars.

    Groups Visiting Israel

    For information about seminars for visiting groups contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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      She’arim  faculty members are sent abroad to spread Shearim's unique Torah learning

    Need a spiritual boost? 

    Bring She'arim to your hometown by inviting one or more of our lecturers to your community for a lecture, weekend or seminar.

    She’arim faculty members are sent abroad to spread She’arim's unique Torah learning style throughout the Jewish world. These places include U.S., Canada, England, South Africa and Australia.

    Rebbetzin Pavlov usually travels to the States and Canada in November, March and May/June.

    She travels to England in January/February.

      If you are interested in bringing one of our outstanding educators to your community, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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    She'arim offers ongoing classes specially tailored to the interests of married women. In addition, mentors are available to help them adjust to their own new - and exciting - life.

    Rebbetzin Malka Kaganoff gives a weekly class entitled "New Hats; New Roles" in which she discusses relevant topics with our young married and engaged students.


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    We offer a mini - ulpan at She'arim once a week on a beginner and intermediate level. At medaberet Ivrit? (Do you speak Hebrew?) If not, you can learn at She'arim!


  • Open or Close Sephardic Heritage Program Open or Close

    If you are Sephardic the Sephardic Heritage Program is for you

    She’arim’s Sephardic Heritage Program is the first women’s program in Jerusalem to identify and address the community-wide need for education geared  exclusively to the English speaking Sephardic communit

    The Sephardic heritage has a rich spiritual and cultural legacy that encompasses every aspect of  individual and communal life. She'arim's  Sephardic Heritage Program is a complementary track that supplements the school's Beit Midrash textual learning program. Developed for women of  Sephardic background, but open to all students interested in learning about  Sephardic culture and traditions.

    Students enrolled in the program will meet with Sephardic Sages in Israel and  enjoy Shabbat home visits with traditional Sephardic families in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.  Participation in the She’arim Sephardic Heritage Program will enable students of Sephardic descent to return  to their home communities with renewed pride and knowledge of their rich tradition, customs and halacha.

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