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Our Mission

She’arim was founded in 1994 by Rebbetzin Chaya Chava Pavlov. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to a Torah education for women – one that addresses both their spiritual and intellectual needs. Our education goes beyond the academic, transforming the perspectives and lives of women to empower them to live a Torah life and to walk in the ways of Hashem. 

Today, She’arim continues to offer unique and personal guidance to each and every student. She’arim remains a place of nurturing and education for Jewish women to cultivate and strengthen their Jewish identities.

Our Story

Rebbetzin Pavlov’s dream was to create a school run by women for women. She felt that women thrive best when led and taught by women. She pictured the warmth of a home with the rigorous challenge of intellectual study.  

In pursuing these principles, the opening of She’arim was like a women’s happening! Our passion and drive to offer Jewish women holistic Torah education was sincere, and people resonated with it. There were so many who wanted to be part of this new endeavor - literally a day did not pass without a phone call offering a gift. 

So many people heard of the idea and wanted to do something to help contribute. We even had teachers volunteering to teach! She’arim is a seminary built with chesed and maintained with chesed. The students and the staff alike feel it, and are part of it. And you are also welcome to join!

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